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Our School... Las Vegas' Home for Performance Training

Our school was founded by Zengjiao Jian (aka "JJ"), a World Champion of Wushu Kung Fu and Seven-time National Wushu Champion of China (member of the infamous Beijing Wushu Team, trained at the same school with the same teacher as Jet Li) and he is now a featured performer on the Las Vegas Strip.  

His simple ambition was to share his love of Kung Fu with others.

Soon Zula, his wife and a Mongolian Contortionist who is also a performer on the Las Vegas Strip, joined him in teaching.her performance art, and Contortion has proven to be a much sought after skill set as well.  So, from there, it was just a matter of time for the word to spread and the popularity of the school to increase...mostly by word of mouth.

Now...Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu is home to a wide variety of skills training.  Kung Fu , Tai Chi, Contortion, Gymnastics, Trapeze, Hoop, Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Chinese Language classes.  Our school is continuing to grow, we believe, not only because of the amazing talent of the National, International and World Class instructors...but because of the fun and friendly atmosphere enjoyed throughout the school.

Group Classes Available: First Class is always free for new students!

Amazing Coaches

World Champions, National Champions, International and National Competitors from the World Famous Las Vegas Strip are here to share their skills with you in the hopes you'll love it as much as they do.  Join us.  Learn amazing skills from amazing artists while having fun, making friends, learning a skill and getting into better shape.

Kung Fu 'Shifu' Master & Founder

"J.J." ~ Zengjiao Jian

Contortion/Aerial Master & Founder

"Zula" Ulambayar

Where future performers learn from modern day professionals

Las Vegas Modern ​Kung Fu

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Gymnastics Class Coach

Kasper T. Falkesgaard