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LVMKF was founded by Jian Zengjiao of the Beijing Wushu Team (same school & teacher as Jet Li) and classes are taught by coaches who are World Champions, and those with international and national championship titles from their homeland of China, as well as professional movie, television and commercial experience.

Styles Taught

Our School Teaches the most modern style of Kung Fu, the Jackie Chan & Jet Li styles, known as Wushu or Modern Kung Fu, as well as the more ancestral styles of Traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Our Kung Fu classes incorporate a wide range of skill sets, including:
  • Contemporary (modern) & Traditional Kung Fu training
  • Gymnastics (non-competitive), specific to Kung Fu and Stage/Movie Performances
  • Weapons training: Broadsword, Straight Sword, Staff, Double Sword, Spear, Pudao (Horse Knife), Double Daggers, etc.
  • ​Conditioning: We call 'Kung Fu Cardio'
  • Performance Training/Choreography: Local events, USA/International Television, etc
  • Optional Placement in our 'Competition/Show Team' as skill levels warrant.
  • Beginner/Advanced classes for both Children (3 yrs and older), Teens and Adults!

 Style Categories

  • Wushu / Modern Kung Fu (Contemporary)
  • Traditional Kung Fu (i.e. Shaolin styles)
  • Tai Chi (Taijichuan)
  • Northern Style (More stylized jumps & kicks)
  • Southern Style (greater focus on power/strength)

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Where future performers learn from modern day professionals

Las Vegas Modern ​Kung Fu

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Learn the Kung Fu styles of Jet Li & Jackie Chan!

Wushu - Kung Fu

Our school teaches the most modern style of Kung Fu, known as Wushu (Jackie Chan & Jet Li styles), as well as the more ancestral forms of Traditional Kung Fu & Tai Chi.

Group Classes Available: First Class is always free for new students!

Don't miss your chance to learn from a 7-time National Wushu Champion of China, World Wushu Kung Fu Champion, current performer with Cirque Du Soleil and experienced stuntman and choreographer for television and film.

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